Passionate. Disruptive. Forefront. These are some of the words often used to describe our productions.
We absolutely love what we do for our clients–marrying cutting-edge video technology with overflowing creativity to deliver a truly unforgettable brand experience.

Projection Mapping

Projecting mapping can add an element of magic to any themed entertainment attraction
Water, smoke, fog, spheres, cars, buildings costumes and just about any non-traditional surface you can imagine can be transformed with 3D projection mapping!
Interactivity, immersive and augmented reality experiences, are all within our wheelhouse
Projection mapping is an incredibly popular and impressive way to transform structures and buildings and create awe-inspiring moving image displays.
In its simplest form projection mapping involves blending images from multiple projectors to display 2D images onto a flat object that may not traditionally be used as a screen. This helps create immersive experiences and display content in exciting ways.
3D projection mapping takes this to the next level – converting any surface regardless of shape, into a video screen – so you can use buildings, cars, statues, bridges and just about any surface you can think of as a canvas providing limitless opportunies for creativity.
We combine art and technology to ensure your brand launch experience is high impact, engaging and above all – memorable.
Projection mapping is still the leading technique that’s perfect for brands wanting to create massive impact at their launch event.
There is no other experience that comes close to creating the immersive wow factor you can with this technology. Whether we use a custom built state set to open a brand launch or project on to existing architecture such as buildings, aircraft hangers or public spaces, the result is always engaging and memorable.
Projection mapping is still the leading technique that’s perfect for brands wanting to create massive impact at their launch event.

Urban Projections

Over 20 years of Urban Projection experience in the U.K. and mainland Europe, has given us a wealth of locations ideal for your specific target market.
Often designated areas for conventional OOH may not fit your target or strategy.
This activity prevents being corralled into locations that lots of other brands inhabit offering little or no standout.


3D Holograms

We offer a range of holographic 3D visualisation solutions from static images to video displays
Holographic technology uses the physical principles of diffraction to form images in space
Holographic technology does not need glasses nor any eyeware

3D StreetHolo

We are out of home pioneers of placing Holographic technology on the streets.
Using a highly transparent ultra fine mesh infused with real silver. We are able to reflect projected light to create impactful 3D visuals and holographic type effects.
The impression is of solid objects and real people existing in 3D space. Creating a totally immersive experience.

3D Pyrama

The 3D Pyrama lets you tap into the curiosity of anyone passing by, making them stop and stare at your display by applying the experience of mixed reality
Placing a physical product inside the display and having it enveloped with the 3D holographic content creates a mind-boggling effect that enhances the viewer's perception and relation to the product.
The mixed reality experience can be further enhanced by strategically placing the actual products right next to the display. Allowing your audience to touch and feel the product they’re seeing come to life, makes it all the more attractive and increases the conversion from viewers into customers.

Retail Projections

As shop windows battle for the attention of consumers, more retailers are realizing the benefits new life into retail display by merging both the physical and the digital to help drive sales
The challenge is to produce original, eye-catching content and introduce new technologies to stand out from their competitors
We can produce ever evolving landscapes with your brand colours creating stunning visual art – in every direction

3D Holomite

Create stand out from the crowd and showcase products in a unique way with our cutting edge and attention-grabbing custom built holographic displays for point of sale, product displays and reception areas.
Hologram animations can either be stand-alone – i.e. they appear in the empty display unit with no other material present – or can they take place around a physical product placed within the unit.



We offer virtually any Laser option with a mixture of different control systems to provide the widest possible range of options
Laser shows can consist of beams, diffraction’s, mirror reflections, scanning effects, laser graphics, aerial effects, wall projections, and more. It really gets exciting when combined with haze, bubbles, water jets or snow machines.

Water Screens

Installation can be within a river, lake or the sea. The Water Screen offers a water surface with complete transparency without any visible structure.
From 8 to 15 meters high and more, with a surface up to 45 meters long, our Water Screen brings a Multimedia content with a depth of field for your brand.
Water Screens With millions of water drops spread and falling on the back, our Water Screen creates a volume of water which gives an impressive 3D effect
The images appear to float magically in front of the audience, enhanced by the surrealistic effect of genuine water flowing in front of them



We combine the latest design techniques to create atmosphere using colour, movement and patterns to transform spaces, create dramatic impact and build atmosphere
Our searchlight offering includes simple but effective plug and play units, we also have units available with DMX capabilities for more control.

Choose from a variety of multi-beam or single beam search lights, with various power supply requirements.

We seek Civil Aviation Authority approval for every outdoor job