True Curve Seamless Edge LED Tiles

The Hi-LED 55 Range is revolutionising exhibition and retail design – bringing true curve (concave and convex), seamless edge, 3D corner and floor LED tiles seamlessly into the modular.

The pixel pitch is just 2.5mm and can be integrated into modular framework or used as a standalone creative display solution to achieve limitless creativity in exhibition, retail and conference environments.

The wide range of Hi-LED 55 products allows us to create unforgettable displays in creative formations.

The Hi-LED 55 is currently the highest resolution LED floor available on the market, giving you the ability to create pixel perfect floor-to-ceiling designs. Its fine 2.5mm LED pixel pitch can be combined with other 2.5mm Hi-LED 55 products to create a high-resolution floor within cubed designs, tunnels or archway.