Parrtjima – Lighting up MacDonnel Ranges

Parrtjima is set against the backdrop of the 300 million year old MacDonnell Ranges in Australia’s Northern Territory. Parrtjima celebrates new ways artists can push the boundaries of how indigenous art is presented, while staying true to the ancient philosophy of connection and country. The results are visually mesmerising, thought-provoking, and create a cultural experience unique in the world.

Two Kilometres of the MacDonnel Ranges acted as a canvas for lighting effects, celebrating the ancient landscape.

A large interactive industrial container allowed visitors to control the lighting on the landscape in front of them. By selecting colours from a virtual palette, and using their fingers to colour the scenery, visitors witnessed the landscape being illuminated in realtime through the magic of projection and their imaginations

Parrtjima was a huge success attracting 25,263 attendees over 10 nights – a 25% increase on last year’s event.